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Just to the east of Kensington lies Talmadge, another mid-city region in San Diego. Parts of Talmadge are situated along the canyon reaching toward Mission Valley, which affords some great views. The housing style in this area is quite eclectic with a mix of Spanish Revival, California Bungalow, and Cap Cod style homes. Like Kensington, Talmadge is peaceful and abundant in greenery. Furthermore, housing in Talmadge is more affordable and the neighborhood has no apartments, which makes it attractive to people who like their quiet time.

Popular Restaurants*

Cali Baguette Express
(5125 El Cajon Blvd.)
This isn't just your normal sandwich joint. Cali Baguette Express specializes in Banh Mi sandwiches, a fusion between Vietnamese and French cuisine. Think crispy, buttery baguette topped with sweet, tangy, and spicy vegetables and meat. It's a wonderful explosion of flavors in your mouth.
Minh Ky Chinese
(4644 El Cajon Blvd.)
If you're craving authentic Chinese food, stop by Minh Ky. Don't let their huge menu overwhelm you; you're guaranteed to get something good no matter what you pick.
Hoai Hue
(4644 El Cajon Blvd.)
Hoai Hue serves authentic, Central Vietnamese cuisine. Noodles and rice are the staples of this food, whether they are cooked tenderly in soups, fried, or steamed. And of course, Vietnamese barbequed beef and pork is always delicious.
Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
(4979 El Cajon Blvd.)
An exotic variety of food is right at your fingertips if you live in mid-city San Diego. Awash is no exception. If you're looking for something a bit different, go to Awash and try their stews and tenderly cooked meats flavored with Ethiopian spices.

*There actually aren't any restaurants directly in Talmadge, but this list points to some places nearby to the south

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