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Normal Heights
Normal Heights
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Normal Heights

Normal Heights is in an accessible location, being next to Mission Valley, Balboa Park, and downtown San Diego. The area has experienced a real surge in its commercial sector, especially in regard to restaurants. You could say that this area along Adams Avenue is almost becoming a second Hillcrest, with plenty to see and plenty to do. As for housing, the Normal Heights area is heavily populated by apartment complexes, but there are some single family homes available too. Normal Heights tends to have more single family homes north of Adams Avenue, so this is generally the area of choice for those looking to buy.

Popular Restaurants

Canada Steak Burger
(3604 University Avenue)
Kind of a strange name, right? Turns out that Canada Steak Burger specializes in Greek food, with some Greek-American fusion. Don't let its name fool you though—this place has authentic Greek food of all types: gyros, falafel, pita bread, Greek salads, spanakopita, and more.
(3332 Adams Avenue)
If you go to DaoFu, you are in for a treat. Where else have you had Japanese and Vietnamese fusion cuisine? Whatever you do, don't miss their famous pineapple curry!
Super Cocina
(3627 University Avenue)
Super Cocina cooks authentic, home-style Mexican food. While the place may not be fancy, what it lacks in frills is made up by the amazing food. Customers love Super Cocina's big selection of dishes including mole, chilaquiles, enchiladas, and more!
(3351 Adams Avenue)
For those vegetarians, vegans, and generally health-conscious people out there, Jyoti-Bihanga is a haven. The restaurant is completely vegetarian, and can accommodate many different dietary restrictions. They are famous for their "neatloaf," a vegetarian meatloaf made of rice, grains, cheese, and tofu, and topped with a tangy red sauce. Trust the reviewers, it's delicious.
Zia Gourmet Pizza
(3311 Adams Avenue)
Zia is a gourmet pizza restaurant which not only strives to create pizzas that are delicious and creative, but also healthy! The pizza crust at Zia's is exceptional and garners rave reviews just by itself.
Blind Lady Ale House
(3416 Adams Avenue)
Come to the Blind Lady Ale House for their wide selection of craft beers and tasty pizzas. If you feel like watching some sports, there are TVs set up around the pub for entertainment.

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